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Introducing takmaj
I’ve recently turned 28 and I’m architect from Poland. I graduated with an Architecture degree from Warsaw University of Technology and started my own business after graduation. I work as an architect with my mom and husband, having participated in architectural competitions while working as a freelance illustrator. Recently I wanted to make my architectural part of work more serious so I finally, after 2 months of intensive learning I passed the exam and obtained the unlimited building design license, so I can say I’m an adult architect now.
However, painting is my passion and I don’t want to give up it, so at the moment, I take commissions for
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the fisherman and the mermaid
One of the weirder things in my eyes was and is always when my friends suddenly started to be... real adults.
They are independent, have a car licence, travel the world, have a serious job... They marry, have children, are a healthy and productive part of society... They are the perfect example of what you're supposed to be as an adult.
And quite often they leave my life with that. Or I'm leaving theirs? I'm not sure, but the result stays the same: One day reading comics starts to be childish. Dreaming and drawing and loving cartoons is not "the way" anymore and instead of being that cool friend with the strange mind, you're turning into the loser with ticks, who still struggles with small office jobs and never tried to achieve higher education.
People drift apart all the time. But it never stops being weird to drift apart because of something that made you friends in the first place.
Each and every time I get reminded of the story of the man who parted with his shadow to be able to ma
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“What do you know about love?” Kristoff asked with a chuckle as he raised a single eyebrow at the red head across from him. She was leaning on a tree across from the one he was currently resting his weight on. “You tried to marry a man the day you met him.”
Anna’s face was almost as red as her hair as she turned her face away. He always picked on her but this time it hurt. She didn’t like to think about Hans, their unofficial engagement and how he had left her for dead. She knew it was her own fault for opening her own heart so recklessly to him. She had learned from her mistake the hard way and though she knew Kristoff was only bringing it up in jest, she felt hurt. “That was over a year ago. I’ve grown up a lot since then.”
Her tone was flat and Kristoff knew he had struck a nerve. He silently bemoaned his insensitivity, hating to see the hurt in her eyes as she turned away from him. He hadn’t thought about what he was sayin
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Victoria Huntington III

Daughter of a Monster Hunter

Age: 16

Interview Questions


Killer Style:

With my line of work, I’ve always had to dress practical, but I try to throw in some dramatic flares such as a cloak.

Freaky Flaw:

Um….my face. DUH. It’s the most distinct feature I have. Other than that I’m hu-ur normie.

Favorite Color:

Is it too cliché if I say red?

Favorite food:

Food and I aren’t really on speaking terms. I’ve never really had time to eat, and therefore the desire to do so never developed.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

People who judge others by their cover. I know how painful that is. Before the accident, people thought I was simply a bad girl because I dressed in tight sexy clothes. After wards, they just called me a….monster. So yeah, don’t judge people K?

Favorite Activity:

I love running, always have. I had to in order to do my job, well more like legacy.  But I also like to hunt…Not monsters anymore of course. But birds and deer.


My family has never been the pet type……

Favorite Skull Subject:

Phys Dead. I love being active and being able to use my skills. Though it isn’t half as challenging as having to chase down… never mind.

Least Favorite Skull Subject:

I have been active my whole life so, to have to sit and learn, something I haven’t done in ages, is beyond hard. So you know, 90 percent of classes here. No offense of course.

Ghoul/Beast Friends:                                                  

Hahahahah, you must be joking…..Oh, you’re not. Look, I’m going to put this as simply as possible. I’m a human, um normie rather. Monsters don’t like me, not to mention I’m disfigured, which isn’t cool in any universe apparently.

Relationship Status:

You must be joking? Just look up at the one above, I’m not explaining again.

Additional information:

                Victoria Huntington is like no other student at MH. Not only is she a normie, but an ex monster hunter. Her family is one of the most infamous hunters of our kind. It has become their legacy and she is the fifth or sixth female in her family to do so. She prefers to go by Vic. She is scary tenacious, sassy, and lonely. Vic has deep hate for herself and her family since they have abandoned her. She was seriously burned in the uh capturing of one of her quarries. If rumors are to be believed it was a dragon. Vic enjoys hunting all kinds of creatures. She is scary athletic and has a flare for dramatics. She is currently homeless, despite the wealth of her family.

                Open to friends and romance.









So I have a new character that is very um unique. I'm adding her to my MH collection. She's a monster hunter who has been rejected by her family because of certain beliefs of hers. She kind of has the whole Phantom of The Opera mystique to her. Plus she's incredibly sexy. 
I guess what I want to know is if she's worth posting.

Yes or no? 

Spring, Bearan thought to himself, she will return in spring. She has to, she wouldn’t miss Clarina’s wedding for any reason. They were very close. He sighed as he stared up at the plain ceiling. Kirstin had been gone for nearly seven months. True he hadn’t known her much more than that, but he had spent all of his time with her. Now…he had no one, just like before he met her.

            Bearan moaned, turning to his side. Since her absence, he hadn’t felt motivated to do anything. Of course he had gone to his lessons; his mother would tan his hide if he didn’t. However, anything else, he refused to do.

            He had become so depressed that he had refused to flirt. Some of the kitchen girls had even offered themselves up for him. They hated to see him so sad. He had refused, much to their surprise and confusion.

            Yes Bearan was in no small way, broken. He would never be the same again.

            Soon spring came, and with it, his beloved returned.                   

            The day she was due to return, he spent his entire night worrying. He visited Haran, not once, but three times for her advice. By the time the sun rose, his stomach was twisted into knots, his heart was threatening to burst from his ribcage, and his skin had grown paler than the purest snow.

            That is how he appeared as he stood waiting for his beloved. Even he had to admit that he was less than appealing.       

            Kirstin entered about eight. She immediately was mobbed by her fellow kitchen aides. They kissed her and told her of how happy they were to see her again. All while Bearan stayed behind.

            After some time had passed, he approached the crowd. “Um, may I speak to you, Kirstin?” he questioned, feeling unusually shy. The beautiful woman turned to look at him from her adoring fans, her dark hair sweeping over her shoulder.

            “Oui” she replied, sounding equally beautiful and seductive.

            He bit his tongue to keep his jaw from dropping. She had grown even lovelier in the seven months that he hadn’t seen him.

            “Just a moment,” she replied, drawing away from her friends.

            The two stood next to the stairwell. “What is it you wanted to talk to me about?” she asked, her voice grave.

            Bearan swallowed, recalling all that he had spoken about with his sister. Reiterate how you feel, “Kirstin, my feelings for you…they haven’t changed,” he stated simply.

            She sighed, her composure slipping. That was when he noticed the dark marks under her eyes. She hadn’t been sleeping well.

            Her eyes were glassy when she looked up at Bearan. “You look awful,” she stated simply, her voice catching.

            “I haven’t been sleeping well,” he explained.

            “Neither have I,” she admitted softly.

            The tension was palpable.

            “May we talk somewhere else, somewhere more private?” he queried.

            Kirstin thought it over for a second, before agreeing. The two made their way to one of the secret passage ways. They closed the door behind them firmly. Bearan leaned against one of the walls, while Kirstin paced.

            All right, I told her how I felt. The next thing she told me to do was reassure her of my loyalty.

            “I would never hurt you and I have given up my flirtatious ways. I want to be with you and only you,” he confessed, his hand grazing her arm.

            She pulled away, crying out in pain. “Non, non. Bearen I meant what I said. I do not know how to love. You…you deserve better. I can not love you how I ought,” she explained, her voice slipping into a whisper.

            Bearen guffawed in surprise. She is unworthy of me? he thought in disbelief.

            “Non mon cheri,” he assured, opening his arms wide. He took Kirstin into a warm embrace. She shook against him, her tears falling down her cheek.

            “I don’t know how to love,” she began, her voice thick with sobs. “I had an arranged marriage until he died. I… never learned how to love,” she explained.

            Bearan’s heart began to ache at her words. How could this positively amazing woman never have known love? He pulled her closer, kissing her cheek. She shuttered against him.

            Whatever happened to her previously must have traumatized her severely, he thought bitterly. If he ever found who had hurt her, he would clock them until they saw stars.

            “Shh, shh, it’s all right,” he soothed. “I have to admit that I don’t really know how to love either,” he admitted.

            Kirstin looked up, her blue eyes bright with surprise. “You don’t?” she gasped.

            He shook his head, kissing her forehead. “Non, mon cheri. You are my first real love,” he admitted with a shy smile.

            “Oh,” she whispered her voice soft.

            He let his arms loosen around her waist. She slipped her own around his. “Bearan, I love you so much,” she admitted, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck. He kissed her forehead, letting his lips linger.

            “I love you too,” he replied, stroking her hair. He sat down, taking her with him. She laid her head against his chest. His smooth heartbeat calmed her and soon she fell asleep.

            About a quarter of an hour later, she felt a gentle push on her shoulder followed by a whisper. “Kirstin, Kirstin, dear, you need to wake up,” he whispered.

            Her eyes fluttered open to see his large hazel ones. They were soft and adoring. “Why?” she questioned sleepily. She hadn’t slept this well in a very long time. The last thing she wanted to do was get up again.

            “People are likely wondering where you have been,” he replied simply.

            “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that,” she admitted, her cheeks coloring slightly in embarrassment.

            The two rose. Bearen offered his hand for her. “Wait, before you go…” he began, realizing that they couldn’t be seen together. He paused, unsure of what he should do.

            “Mon cheri, I realize that this isn’t the most romantic of circumstances, but I am tired of waiting,” he admitted.

            Kirstin stared at him in curiosity. “What is it?’ she asked.

            “I have never been the kind of person who wanted to be chained to one woman for the rest of my life. But… then my siblings all married and they seemed to be happy. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want that for myself, especially now that I have met you,” he admitted, a light blush coming to his cheeks.

            “What are you saying?” she asked, her voice shocked.

            He took her other hand in his own. “I am attempting, and failing, to ask you to become my wife,” he replied with a chuckle. Even for not being a romantic, the proposal had gone terrible. He sighed. Kirstin would never agree to this now.

            The two stood in stunned silence. After a few minutes passed, Bearen decided that it was best he leave. He made his way to the door, only to be stopped by a firm hand and a “Where are you going?” from Kirstin.

            He turned around, a question on his face. “I don’t understand,” he responded distractedly.

            “But I haven’t given you my reply,” she protested.

            “Non, you made it quite clear how you feel,” he replied, his voice sharp. He sighed, forcing his voice to remain even.

            “Non I have not. Bearen I accept you proposal. I would be honored to become your wife,” she stated simply so he wouldn’t miss her meaning.

            “But you were so quiet,” he began.

            “Oui, only because I knew not if this was truly happening,” she explained.

            Bearan opened his mouth to speak, but she closed it drawing him closer to her. She let his hand cradle her cheek. “Now I believe it is about time that I give you a proper kiss,” she explained.

            His eyes went wide before their lips met in a crushingly passionate kiss. He swept her into his arms, making sure that their lips did not break contact. His hands smoothed over the planes of her back, while hers digits wound themselves around his tawny hair.     

            Their lips pulled and tugged against each other, their noses rubbing against each other. They breathed heavily as their lungs searched for any amount of air.

            When they could no longer find enough, the two broke apart, their chests heaving.

“I love you,” he breathed out.

            “I love you too,” she replied.

            Bearan set her down, both of them leaning against the wall. “I swear that I will never hurt you,” he whispered, stroking the curves of her cheek.

            “Oui, I know you won’t” she whispered back. A soft smile began to bloom upon her beautiful face.

            The two stood in silence, soaking each other’s presence up. They thought about what had happened and what it meant for the two of them.

            Oh no, what if I rushed into this, what if I can’t be the husband she deserves, he wondered.

            I love him, but I do not know how to be a princess. Marrying Bearan is more then just committing to a man, but to a life style. A life I chose to leave, she thought to herself.

            Bearan was the first to break the silence after recalling what he had said earlier. By now half of the kitchen staff was looking for her. “You should go,” he stated simply.

            A hurt expression crossed her face as she looked up. Bearan hurried to right it. “Not that I do not enjoy your company mon cheri, but your friends they will be looking for you,” he reminded her softly, kissing her forehead.

            She sighed. “Oui, you are right,” she began, only to freeze suddenly. Her blue eyes were wide.

            “What is it?” Bearan questioned, his voice filled with panic. “Is something the matter?”

            Kirstin smiled kissing both of his cheeks. “Non, I was just thinking about what you said. You called me mon cheri, which in your tongue means ‘my love’,” she explained.

            Bearan’s faced turned crimson. He hadn’t even realized he had used that particular term of endearment. He hoped that his forward action hadn’t frightened her.

            “Oui, I did. I am sorry,” he began. At once Kirstin hushed him with her fingers.

            “I like it, mon cheri,” she replied, not showing a hint of timidity. She kissed him quickly on the mouth before taking her leave.

            After many minutes had passed, Bearan at last recovered his composure. “She kissed me, Kirstin kissed me,” he whispered, then paused as he recalled their conversation. “I’m engaged, we’re engaged. I’m going to marry Kirstin!” he shouted, feeling as much joy as he had felt sorrow earlier.

            He breathed heavily, tugging his fingers through his hair. He didn’t feel nervous or scared, just happy very very happy. That must be a good sign, he thought to himself, If she wasn’t the right one, surely I would feel dread. Oh, I must tell everyone.

            With that, Bearan left to inform his family of his engagement before he nigh burst with joy.











Days later, Bearan had finally decided that he could bear it no longer. He had to tell Kirstin how he felt. He couldn’t hide his feelings for her, not when she had endeavored to be open with him.

            He sighed, as he knocked on the kitchen door, it opened on the second knock. Kirstin stood in the doorway, her pale skin flushed. “Oui?” she asked, sounding out of breath.

            Bearan stilled his nerves for what he needed to say. “It’s a lovely day outside, perhaps you’d like to take a walk with me?” he asked, forcing his voice to stay even.

            Kirstin seemed to debate for a moment before agreeing. She took his proffered elbow as they made their way outside.

            Once there, she dropped his arms, placing hers behind her back as she walked from side to side, her hips swaying as if to music. “So what did you wish to speak about mon amie?” she queried, hoping he would tell her so she could return to her responsibilities. Now it wasn’t that she did not care for Bearan, rather it was that soon she knew she would be leaving and wished to work as hard as she could before that day came.

            Bearan swallowed hard, as he crossed his arms. How should I tell her? Blurting it out is far too distasteful. I can’t imagine her taking that well. Still, I am not the most romantic of men. Even so, I must try something. Admitting one’s love is not something to take lightly, he reasoned to himself.

            Bearan quickly cleared his throat as he thought of the best way to begin the conversation that would lead to his confession. Nothing came readily to mind. He sighed in frustration. Kirstin waited silently, the sound of their footsteps being the only sound.

            Inwardly, he groaned in frustration berating himself a thousand times. How could I have thought that this was wise? Admitting one’s affection is never wise unless they are positive that the person reciprocates. Which I am not. As sweet and lovely Kirstin is, it is highly unlikely that she loves me the same way I love her. Even if she does reciprocate, I will never know, because I can’t seem to form the bloody words, he realized, anger filling his core only to be followed by intense despair.

            I really will be alone forever.

            With Bearan deep in thought, Kirstin had little choice but to wonder why he had asked her to walk with him in the first place. Mayhaps he wanted some company as he thought? He seems greatly distressed; I only wish I knew how to aid him. Still, if he wishes my company he ought to talk to me. It’s not as though I have nothing to do. I only took the time to spend with him because I thought it would be rewarding. She sighed, glancing over at her companion.

            Oh poor thing, he seems terribly sad. I hate to see his warm eyes so sad. After all sadness is like the rain, and his passion for things like the fire. Fire can not survive in rain, she thought dismally.

            At last she had had enough of the silence.

            “Mon amie, please tell me what troubles you so,” she begged.

            Bearan sighed, he still was far from ready to admit his true feelings, but he knew that there could be no better time. He swallowed, taking a deep breath as the prepared himself to do the most frightening thing he had ever done.

            “I meant every word I said before,” he began, only to add when he saw her confusion, “About the rose, I mean. I still can not fathom why you accepted it. I am not worthy of anyone’s love,” he stated simply.

            At this, Kirstin paused, taking his arm fiercely. “Non!” she shouted, her blue eyes blazing like the hottest flame. “Non! No one is beyond love, certainly not you,” she assured.

            When he didn’t respond, she wrapped her arms loosely around his back, letting them dangle just above his waist. “Non a million times,” she repeated, staring up into his dark eyes.

            He remained stoically silent, his eyes full of mixed emotions.

            “Bearan,” she stated, taking his chin into one of her hands.

            He stared down at her, hazel staring into sky blue.

            “Oui?” he asked, his voice barely a whisper.

            “You are beautiful,” she stated simply, her French accent making it sound more romantic.

            “Non you are,” he insisted, deciding that now was the time. Before she could say another word, he lifted his hand to her face, caressing the curve of her cheek. “Kirstin you are beautiful, passionate, and strong willed, determined, diligent, and kind. You never allow people to mistreat you. If anyone deserves love, it is you,” he finished, kissing her cheek.

            Kirstin merely stared, her entire being stunned.

            “I never imagined that I would meet someone who makes me want to change. I never thought I’d meet a girl who was passionate as she is beautiful. Strong as she is kind. And then I came across you,” he paused, feeling his throat become closed. Already tears were coming to his eyes; he pushed them away, knowing he had more to say.

            “I love you Kirstin. I love your auburn hair and your eyes the color of the sky. I love your musical voice and how you can’t stop yourself from helping others. And yet, that is not all I love. The things I love about you, the biggest book in the world could not hold because I truly passionately, am enchanted by you, mon cheri,” he finished, lifting her head up as he lowered his own.

            He then pressed his lips to hers, letting his passion flow from his heart to his mouth.

            In that moment, he felt free at last, as if he could soar as a bird does. His skin buzzed with anticipation, his lips burning as he stole not one but three kisses from his fair lady.

            Moments later, he backed away softly, his lips seemingly humming with energy. He let his hand fall from her cheek. Their foreheads were together as both took in deep breaths. Only Kirstin’s weren’t breaths, they were sobs.

            Bearan kneeled down, staring up at his beloved’s wet eyes. Her body shook, as she took in air only to shutter as she did so. Her blue eyes he loved so were glassy.

            “Oh Kirstin, I’ve upset you. I am so very sorry,” he moaned, standing to take her into his arms.

            She refused, backing away. “Non!” she shouted through her sobs, her voice high and thick with emotion. “Non, never again,” she cried out, collapsing onto the green grass.”

             Bearan was dumbstruck as to why she was acting the way she was. Even then, he kneeled beside her, as he racked his brain for ways to console her. In the end, he came up empty. Instead he opted to discover what she was trying to tell him.

            “What won’t you do again?” he queried, his voice soft as he forced himself to be patient. He pushed her hair from her face, wiping some of the tears from her cheeks.

            “I…am…leaving…” she managed to say before burying her head I her knees.

            “Why?!” he asked in shock, growing more and more panicked with each passing second. Have I truly upset her to that extent, he wondered, terrified of the answer.

            “Be…cause,” she began, looking up at him through her dark, long eyelashes. “I-I love you too,” she cried out, moaning into her tunic.

            Bearan froze his mind in disbelief. Am I right in my hearing? Did she truly say that she reciprocates my affections?

            “I don’t understand,” he admitted, staring down at the sobbing mess that was his stubborn Kirstin.

            She stood quickly, the tears still falling from her eyes. “I love you Bearan, you with your mischievous smile, adventurous soul, and your hazel eyes,” she admitted.

            Bearan stood his eyes wide in shock. “Why are you upset then?” he queried, hoping that he’d finally be able to get to the root of the problem.

            “Oh, Bearan, I can’t fall in love. I don’t know how,” she explained sadly, sniffling as she stared at the ground.

            “Oh,” he muttered, not sure exactly what to say.

            “So that is why I must leave. If I stay I will be in love, if I go, I will be safe,” she reasoned, more to herself than him.

            “Oh,” he repeated, albeit a tad dejected this time.

            “Good bye,” she cried out, quickly running into the castle.

            Bearan stood stock still, staring at the ground. “Oh,” he whispered for the third time, feeling frost cover his heart. “Oh,” he moaned, falling to the ground in his grief.

            His hands shook with rage as hot tears poured down his face. Why had he ever thought it wise to tell her how he felt? 

Months passed. Bearan’s desire and affection for Kirstin began to grow. How could it not? She was beautiful, fiery, passionate, diligent, intelligent, and kind. What man wouldn’t want such a woman?

            Sadly, with these thoughts his desire to show his affection began to grow. He wished to take her hand and kiss her lips, albeit more softly than he normally would.

            Once again, Bearan sought out his younger sister to assist him in his feelings. He didn’t dare approach anyone else. His mother would either scold or coddle him, perhaps even a combination of both. His father…wouldn’t have the conversation. Odder was occupied and no one came to Odder for love advice. He hadn’t been the most daring of youths. That left Haran.

            Bearan sighed, knocking on the door he knew very well. It creaked open at once. He was pleased to see that Terrence was not present this time. Each time he was, he couldn’t help but wonder what they really had been doing.

            “May I come in?” he asked softly.                         

            Haran nodded. “Oui of course, what can I do for you today?” she asked, not bothering to tease him. She could sense that he would not respond well to her barbs today.

            “I still want to kiss her,” he admitted.

            “I can hardly fault you for that. She is very beautiful,” she admitted.

            “Inside and out,” he muttered his breath.

            Haran stood, sitting on her bed cross legged as she often did. “So what might the problem be? I though you were controlling yourself quite well,” she replied.

            “I am. It’s just now….” he trailed off as he grasped for words.

            “Now?” his sister prodded her dark eyes curious.

            “Now I still wish to kiss her, but I won’t,” he admitted, sighing as he took a place on the bed next to his sister.

            “Well that’s wonderful-“she began, only to be interrupted at once.

            “I won’t kiss her because I know she doesn’t want me to. If I were to, she’d run and not look back,” he explained, feeling oddly scared. “I can’t lose her, God I can’t lose her,” he admitted, staring down at the stitching of Haran’s comforter.

            “Oh,” she stated.

            “Oh is right,” he agreed.

            The two sat in silence as Haran thought about what she could say. After some time had passed, she decided that she needed to know more in order to properly advise her brother.

            “How do you know she won’t return it?”

            “Just the other day, I tried to take her hand as the two of us walked through the grounds. At once, she pulled away completely, letting her arms fall behind her back. Then, as I was pointing out one of the constellations, I slipped my arm around her shoulders. She moved away, letting my arm drop. If those actions are not a sign of how badly she hates my attention, I don’t know what is,” he finished, threading his nimble fingers through his hair. He sighed heavily, feeling tears gather in his eyes.

            His bit his lip, trying to force them away, but they did not heed. Instead they fell, small droplets dotting the blue duvet.

            “Oh Bearan,” Haran began, taking her brother into her arms. He buried his face in her neck, as he let the tears flow. As he cried, she softly combed his hair, rubbing his back soothingly.

            “Haran, I can’t do this anymore,” he began, his voice muffled by her skin. “I just can’t. I’m terrified, I can’t eat I can’t sleep. I feel ill all of the time. I dread meeting her and I loath leaving her. I want to kiss her but I can’t. Oh God, I’m going to end up alone, aren’t I?” he asked, staring down at his sister.

            His dark eyes remained glassy with tears. Haran smiled softly, pushing his shoulder gently. “Now you truly know what it’s like to be in love,” she stated simply.

            His eyes widened. I’m in love with Kirstin. I’m in love with her, he realized in awe.

            A moment later, the awe vanished. “What difference does it make if I am?” he cried out, standing up to pace.

            He turned away, then turned back to face Haran. “No matter how I feel, she doesn’t feel the same,” he added.

            Haran stood, taking her brother’s colossal shoulders into her hands which was no easy task. “Bearan, stop,” she said simply. “You are being dramatic, which I know you excel at, but for once be reasonable,” she scolded.

            “How can I be reasonable at a time like this?” he shot back.

            “If she did not care for you even a little bit, she would have ceased visiting with you. She never would have accepted your offer of forgiveness and friendship. Truly, she must care about you to forgive you as she has,” Haran insisted.

            Bearan paused, collapsing into the nearest chair. “Truly?”

            “Oui,” the petite brunette responded.

            “If she does indeed care, why does she rebuff my affections?” he asked, getting to the root of the matter.

            “Did you ever think that perhaps she may have been hurt in the past? Girls who have gone through painful relationships rarely escape unscathed. She is going to be more cautious in future relationship,” Haran explained.

            “True, I suppose that is only logical,” he replied, hoping to convince himself.

            “Even then, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about the one whom she is in that relationship with,” she reminded.

            “It doesn’t does it?” he realized, much to his surprise.

            At once he stood, kissing his sister’s cheek. “I must go. I will see you later. Merci for the advice,” he shouted as he took off down the hallway leaving a very confused, but amused, Haran.


            Bearan wasted no time finding Kirstin. He ignored etiquette, opening the kitchen door as he had done in the past. “Is Kirstin here?” he asked, turning to the head chef and any of the girls.

            They shook their head. Bearan cursed silently. “Do you know where she might be?”

            Most of them shrugged. One of the girls nodded. “Oui, she said something about going to the parlor to think,” she recalled.

            “Merci,” he said quickly, taking his leave. At once he began to make his way to the parlor.

            Soon he found her, sitting alone. It appeared she had been crying. Her eyes were red and glassy. She sat, her legs curled up, so her arms wrested on top of them.

            Beraran groaned. Something had truly upset her. Oh how it hurt to see her so sad. With only comforting her in mind, he entered.

            Kirstin turned around, hearing his footsteps. “Who is there?” she asked her voice hoarse.

            “Bearan,” he stated simply, drawing close to her.

            “Oh!” she exclaimed, quickly wiping her eyes with her hands and standing.

            “Is there something his highness wishes?” she asked.

            “Only that you cease your crying,” he replied before he had a chance to stop himself.

            “My apologies, I didn’t mean to be so forward,” he added.

            “Tis fine,” she stated.

            Silence descended upon them. “So was there something you wanted?” she asked, clearing her throat slightly.

            Bearan took a seat next to her, deciding to over look her tears. If she didn’t wish to tell him, she wouldn’t have to do so.

            “I was wondering why you accepted my rose,” he admitted.

            Kirstin stared at him in confusion. “Pardon moi? The rose it is lovely, how could I not?” she wondered.

            Seeing the confusion in her blue eyes, he quickly hurried to clarify. “Non, not the rose itself, what is symbolized. My offer of friendship and hope for forgiveness,” he explained.

            “Ah, that makes more sense,” she decided.

            “Why did you? I hardly was deserving of such mercy,” he admitted.

            “Non!” she shouted, standing as she did so. “I disagree,” she stated firmly.

            “How so? All I’ve ever been is an arrogant, competitive, selfish, and angry boy,” he insisted.

            “That might be true, but I didn’t see that when you visited. A person with such characteristics would have never apologized for his behavior. Yet you did. You came to me and admitted your wrong, showing great humility. You offered only friendship despite the obvious desire for something more. The very fact that you returned to make things right, shows that deep down, you are a good soul,” she explained.

            Bearan merely stared in surprise.

            Kirstin smiled softly. “It certainly did not hurt that you were so very good looking,” she admitted with a giggle.

            Bearan smiled, feeling very warm and pleased. Haran had been right. Kirstin did care for him, how much remained to be seen.

So I have a new character that is very um unique. I'm adding her to my MH collection. She's a monster hunter who has been rejected by her family because of certain beliefs of hers. She kind of has the whole Phantom of The Opera mystique to her. Plus she's incredibly sexy. 
I guess what I want to know is if she's worth posting.

Yes or no? 


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