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Rainbow by EverfterFan Rainbow by EverfterFan
*Duly noted is that anytime my MH OCs have a smaller creature pinned to the corner, it means that the creature I based the character off of is original as well. I created the creature.*

Rainbow Felistia

Daughter of a Scare, Rainbow, Felistia

Age: 3, I think

Interview Questions

Killer Style:

I do not know, I like to where tights, headbands, A-lined skirts, and ghouly blouses. So I would bet preppy? I don’t know.

Freaky Flaw:

Well now that I am humanoid, I wear clothes. This means my wings I was born with are always getting the way, I have to cut holes in every, single one of my shirts! It is scarible!

Favorite Color:

None, how could I choose? I am a Rainbow Felistia after all.

Favorite food:

I always have liked to hunt for doves.

Biggest pet peeve:

People who don’t obey the rules and show no respect for authority. My partner has a real problem with this, I don’t understand why, especially because back home he is a leader.

Favorite Activity:

Flying. (sigh dreamily) Nothing is better than soaring through the clouds. 


I am technically one, so none.

Favorite Skull Subject:

I really have not had a chance to try much, but so far it has to be Geogre-aphy.

Least Favorite Skull Subject:

Physical Deaduction, I do not my exercise, but I DO NOT like getting wet. No swimming for me.

Ghoul/Beast Friends:

I have not really had a chance to make very many, but I do have Brisa. She is an elemental and loves to fly just like me.

Relationship Status:
I am far too young to be speaking of such matters. Not to mention I am an independent kitty.

Additional Information:

Rainbow is obedient, ghouly, and studious. She enjoys hunting, flying, and exploring. She wears all kinds of colors. She does not have very many friends. She dislikes her partner, Tornado. According to Rainbow, she is one of the higher members in her tribe. She has a color change symbol which shows that she can change her color. Rainbow is friendly, non judging, and curious. Out of all of the tribes of Seludara, the Scare tribe is the tribe that is most open to change. Rainbow and her partner are here to explore Monster High and better understand the “two-legs”.

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July 3, 2016
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